Ana Obregón

Ana Obregón is a Spanish actress, writer and producer as well as a European celebrity and socialite. In 2012, she won the Angel Film Award (Lifetime Achievement Award) from the Monaco International Film Festival for her contribution to television and film.

Obregón has appeared in films from Spain, France, United States and Italy but she is best known for her high-profile personal life and her career as a television actress, most notably for her performances in the Spanish television series A las Once en Casa and Ana y los Siete. In 1997, she won the ATV Award, in Spain Entertainment for ¿Qué Apostamos? (1993).

She is best known to American audiences for her role as Bo Derek’s sidekick in 1984’s Bolero. She also appeared in an episode of Who’s the Boss?, playing “Ana,” Tony Miceli’s Italian cousin. She also co-starred in the 1983 3-D action adventure film Treasure of the Four Crowns with Tony Anthony.

Designation : Actress

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