About El Secreto del Retrato

El Secreto del Retrato is a multi-story tale that denounces various violations of human rights and ecological abuse. El Secreto del Retrato is a group of international actors, writers, and producers from all over the world who seek to stimulate, generate, integrate and disseminate experiences of psychological and physical abuse. Through this effort, we seek to promote fairness, justice, and dignity in the world by discussing, sharing, promoting, acting, filming, and distributing El Secreto del Retrato.

El Secreto del Retrato includes the participation of 50 Class A actors and Academy Award Creative Producers from 19 countries in Europe, the Caribbean, North Central, and South America.  “Making of the Portrait’s Secret” is going to be filmed in Dallas Texas.

This documentary it is going to be transmitted live all over the world via the internet for socially responsible viewers like you.  Through this holistic approach, we seek to share and disseminate experiences and propose new ways of living to promote fairness, justice, and dignity in our world. If you want to sponsor this documentary call 945-200-1733 or send us an email to: planet.films@yahoo.com


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