Planet Films is beginning to film The Portrait’s Secret

I am full of joy because I am beginning today to film “The Portrait’s Secret”. Yes, 90% I fill film in my beautiful City of Rowlett and in the rest of my home: Texas.  The rest will be in Montana and in the Caribbean. Is a huge production of 500 talented people, and in this talented group you might be included. 

I have produced big productions like this one and they have been a success in distribution. I have an Academy Award team that will be next to me, but I need more. 

I need more actors, first assistant director, 2nd assistant directors, location scout, sponsors, influencers, associate producers, executive producers, finders, etc. 

One important note: I love harmony and good manners in my work environment, that is the number one requirement. The Second requirement you need to give me the best of you. The Best. 

I am inviting you to like my Facebook Page, I will soon be posting announcements.


Dr. Janet Alvarez Gonzalez – Film Director  


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