Dr. Janet Alvarez González

Dr. Janet Alvarez González is an award-winning television and radio host, investigative reporter, scriptwriter, director, executive producer, and filmmaker in America. Born in Bayamón Puerto Rico, she began her acting career in middle school starring in several theatrical comedy musicals.

She moved to Richmond, Virginia in 1982 and took several acting and dancing classes, and participated as a standup comedian in university events. Later she began her career as a videographer, director, and producer for the US television and radio networks PBS, NPR, FOX, and Jay Sears News Services news coverage includes personalities such as Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, Vice President Al Gore, Senator George Allen, Governor Douglas Wilder.

In the late 90’s she worked as an executive producer, and scriptwriter supervisor, for several top television shows transmitted at PBS, Teletica, Telemundo, and Univision.  In 1999 she founded the production company Planet Films. In 2003 she wrote, produced, and starred with her brother Samuel in the full-length film satire, Latin Comedy  with the legendary comedian, Leopoldo “Pucho” Fernandez known as Tres Patines and Superpan.

From 2003 to 2008 was a columnist for several mainstream newspapers including El Vocero de Puerto Rico, El Tiempo de New York. She founded, produced, and hosted in prime time the number one investigative daily live radio show Quejate. In this controversial show, the microphones were opened to the audience to denounce acts of injustice, corruption, and poor services of the government and state agencies.

After receiving each complaint, Dr. Alvarez called the offenders directly and confronted them on air. Shortly after so many on-air confrontations and controversies with Governors, Senators, and other public officials, Dr. Janet Alvarez Gonzalez earned the nickname La Fiscal del Pueblo (The Peoples Attorney) demonstrating an out­standing community service involvement, helping to resolve cases for the underserved populations. There are many public figures in Puerto Rico and Florida that had tried to imitate her style, nevertheless, they have been unsuccessful.

In 2008 she move to Texas; the Governor of Texas appointed Janet Alvarez Gonzalez with the Rank of Major and attached her as Public Affairs Officer of the Adjutant General Staff. In 2009 Major Alvarez Gonzalez was deployed to Operation Lone Star and in 2010 she was awarded the Texas Medal of Merit for her Outstanding Service in the Texas Military Forces.

In 2014 Dr. Alvarez Gonzalez was appointed by the City Council as an Altered Member of the Arts and Humanities Commission for The City of Rowlett. In 2015 Dr. Alvarez Gonzalez received the Latin Golden Award for hosting the show Buenos Dias Mi Amor by the Foreign Press Association in Show Business.

Dr. Alvarez Gonzalez wrote the novel Escoria de los Malditos, the story of the reincarnation of Vardaman one of the characters of the novel As I lay Dying by William Faulkner. In this book, Alvarez Gonzalez describes the history of humans and the prediction of the end of the world. Later Alvarez Gonzalez wrote the short story book Cuentos para los Aburridos (Tales for the Bored), a comic tragedy of mental health.

Janet Alvarez Gonzalez was the Executive Producer and acted in the Panamanian war film Operación Causa Justa, the film was selected to represent Panama in the Oscars and the Spanish Academy Award  Premios Goya but did not win. The film was distributed in Cinepolis, Caribbean Cinemas, Cinemark, Netflix, and Univision.  In 2019 Dr. Janet Álvarez González was awarded the Latin MAYA Award – Premios MAYA, for Achievement in Cinematography, Media, and Literature.

In 2021 Dr. Janet Alvarez Gonzalez was appointed by the City Council as an Alternate Member of the Library Advisory Board in the City of Rowlett.

Dr. Janet Alvarez Gonzalez is certified in edition and post-production in DaVinci Resolve from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Charles III University of Madrid). She earned a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Master’s in Educational Media – Television from Virginia State University, a Ph.D. in Business Administration in Marketing, and a Post Graduate Certificate in International Business from Argosy University.

On a more personal note, Janet Alvarez Gonzalez is the great-granddaughter of Juan Ponce de León, the survivor of a Tornado, and most important: the mother of Jiji (3-pound Yorke).

Designation : Writer, Director, Producer

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